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Bailiff’s Report

Combine Blockchain technology with legal certainty provided by this Bailiff.

How can we legally prove the anteriority of a creation or a right via Docucert?

It is up to the creator to prove that he is the originator of the work or innovation on a certain date, especially in the event of a dispute. In order to acquire the indisputable force of evidence, it is necessary to have the evidence concerned by a Bailiff’s statement found.

This finding established by a Bailiff allows you to obtain indisputable proof of paternity and anteriority before a judge.

The Bailiff is a public ministerial officer sworn under French law. As such, all the acts and documents it certifies have irrefutable probative force. Thus, if you file your work, both the content and the date of the filing cannot be challenged in court.

Thanks to Docucert you can now obtain this statement of bailiff with our fully digitalized solution to meet your protection needs of all kinds and this with a click.

You can legally protect your creations and innovations in minutes and get a statement ofaJuissier of Justice that gives you convincing proof of integrity and anteriority.

The document containing the information about your creation is not kept in the blockchain, but only its digital footprint. Therefore, it is impossible for third parties to have access to its content, you are the only one who can access it. So you can rest assured that your data will be preserved.

The hosting of your data, which is stored in France in a data center belonging  OC3 NETWORK Filiale 100% French company ADEC.  Hosting & Sovereignty of your data 100% in France, Zero Big Data. No Cloud Act. more info 

The Bailiff will thus independently verify the blockchain evidence with the necessary technical tools for this purpose, and then establish a report noting the perfect compliance of that evidence.

You no longer risk seeing your rights challenged in court, neither on the content nor on the anteriority.

Discouraging potential copycats and counterfeiters:

By displaying the Docucert logo on your website or on social networks, you send a strong signal to third parties: your creations and innovations areprotected.

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