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Blockchain Digital Safe

The Docucert digital safe allows you to archive your documents after obtaining your certificates on remote servers that are accessible via your customer space.

The documents are stored in a secure and confidential space and are accessible at any time.

It is inviolable and restores what has been deposited there without alteration.z

It therefore guarantees for your documents:

Their integrity

a digital fingerprint is created at the time of filing

Their durability

periodic controls and duplication of storage to prevent loss

Their privacy

through encryption and access control

Their traceability

through a history

For strict confidentiality of your documents and the protection of your data, these are hosted exclusively in France.

You have complete control over the people or companies with whom you share your data. Access to the safe and secure and guarantees complete confidentiality.

So, wherever you are and at any time, you can access documents placed in the digital safe. You can categorize and organize them by creating folders and sub-files, according to your own storage architecture.

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