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Data time stamping can be proof of the date of your creation.

Time stamping is a mechanism that involves associating a date and time with an event, information or computer data. It is usually intended to record the moment at which an operation was performed. Among other things, for IPSIDE time stamping is to give a date and an hour to a document, without it being tampered with. Your data is digitally signed, time-stamped and anchored to the Blockchain. Evidence of integrity and authenticity is sealed at the heart of the file. Easily locate your data and quickly audit your processes. Trust is distributed among all partners through the Blockchain. The intelligent registry registration process such as the blockchain works in practice by generating the digital fingerprint of a document in the form of a single suite of numbers and letters in the blockchain called “hash.” A single hash for the document that can be of any possible form is then anchored in the blockchain and therefore does not carry any disclosure of the work thus time-stamped. The proof of existence evidence is the combined analysis of the hash and the document anchored by the finding of the hash’s correspondence to the document. A certificate of proof is then published, attesting to the anchoring of the achievement in the blockchain with a time stamping: the “time stamping” that ensures the dating and integrity of the work. This process provides strong numerical proof through step-by-step dating for the innovation holder, as well as for his lawyer.            

Your customers can

Ensure the authenticity of the data

Strengthens data security, mathematical evidence to support

Ensuring regulatory transparency

Reduces the cost and duration of audits

Limiting security risks

Strengthens data security, mathematical evidence to support

More than just a signature

Embedded digital signature technology to simplify and secure dematerialization Digital signature ensures the integrity of a file and the identity of its author (its authenticity).

Your data can be chained together, time-stamped, geo-located and enriched with tags. Files can be operated and stored at home and remain reusable.

As the evidence is embedded in the files, verification is simple, fast and possible locally – without an Internet connection.

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