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White Brand Plan

This solution already allows several renowned law firms to offer this service to their own clients and allows them to redefine the IP protection strategy with them.

Currently the platform solution is active in partnership with a Paris-based Bailiff’s Office which has enabled more than 100 clients in less than a year to protect themselves in a few minutes in a simple and secure way.

For Lawyers, Intellectual Property Attorneys and Bailiffs:

  • The platform in your colors with your logo
  • 100% autonomous management of the opening of customer accounts
  • Customer Tracking Dashboard, 24-hour deposit retrieval
  • Secure access on platform with hosting in Data Center in France
  • Billing by customer subscription
  • Monthly subscription per customer
  • Unlimited, multi-user access
  • Hot Line 7/7 by mail
  • Unlimited file deposit ( 1To Fair use max per year) and bailiff certificate included.
  • We accept all types of files for filing (Office, Pdf, Photos, Videos, source code, 3D, ..).
  • EIDAS electronic signature pack with optional Blockchain
  • Mobile IOS and Android application for customers

The price depends on your individual needs, it is degressive according to your volume. Please contact us and together we will study an individual offer adapted to your needs.

Move forward knowing that we are there for you: everything you work on is safe.

Blockchain technology

Complete protection of the innovation process

Digital timestamps valid worldwide

Perfectly secure

Certificates of Evidence

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